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In the Bleak Mid Winter...

Updated: Feb 2

It's cold, dark & business is very, very quiet. Are you supposed to admit that? I take some comfort from talking to fellow photographers and finding most of them are quiet too 'tis the season'.

A very successful Music Photographer I know, recently posted:

'I have nothing in my schedule through the rest of November & December, I'd very much like to change that, DM me with enquiries'.

Another photographer I know posted something along the lines of 'I have an extremely rare gap in my diary this week, only a few spots left. DM me before you miss out'

Hmmmm. I'm calling 'Chinny Reckon' on the last one, but each to their own.

It's refreshing for people to be honest.

So what to do when things are quiet and those self doubts start to creep in? ... do something positive! It's a good time to tidy up the Lightroom Catalogue - data housekeeping basically... and also start that personal project you've been thinking about and procrastinating on for the last year because you've been too busy. ...Think about marketing... then think about it a bit more, then just don't do it because you hate marketing.

Start on that personal project, show up at the page, be creative for the sake of being creative. It's a prefect time to start the book/3 month course 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron. I'm excited about getting stuck into this book/course... apparently it's a 'Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity', although I have trouble saying that with a straight face.

Photo from a shoot for Rachel Peters Ceramics

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